Don’t Do this on Social Media


Don’t  Post About How Much You Hate Your Boss

Even you know that your boss sucks and you hired by a blood sucking company. Don’t. Believe me it’s unprofessional. But if you still want to tweet about it make sure that your account is protected and you don’t make friends with him/her and also their “people”.

Don’t Post Anything  About Your Bad Relationship

Think hundred times before you post anything about a cheater boyfriend/girlfriend. No matter how sucks they are. Unless if you want your relationship going to be a public consumption. Or you can use smarter words, just choose it carefully. “Nice words” works.

Don’t Post That You Aren’t Going To Be Home

Sometimes we’re too spontaneous to tweet, “Off to holiday, bye bye home, see you in a week!”.Never going to be too detailed about your home address. It can be a boomerang. Too many bad people out there, you never know maybe one of your followers is a syndicate member, or a robber.

Don’t Post & Brag About Your New, Expensive Items

Maybe you just bought iPad or MacPro and your hands just can’t stand to tweet, “Just giving my new iPad a try”. Believe me your followers will think that you just a spoiled bastard who just want to show off. For this person twitter or Facebook are just media to showing off their new expensive items. You’ll lose your followers. I’ll guarantee that!

Don’t Post Other People’s Embarasing Things

When you’re post or upload your friends silly pose just for laughs, sometimes the person who’s being the object don’t feel the same way. They can be mad or holding a grudge and doing the same thing to you. Remember, revenge always more painful. Besides, posting people embarrassing things is unethical. If you want to be respected just doing the same way as you want to be treated.

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